If you are considering selling your home in Providence, Rhode Island, the market is riddled with prospective buyers. Home values in Providence have grown rapidly over the past few years, rising from a median value of $154,000 in 2016 to $214,000 in 2019. Zillow’s data has also projected an additional 4.6% rise in the value of homes in Providence within the next several months. Before you officially list your home and have your agent stake a sign in the yard, consider these five tips to earn the best-possible offers from prospective buyers. 

Have your Realtor® to Provide you with Expert Insight
Prior to officially listing your home for sale, tap into your circle for insight on what you can do to put your home’s best foot forward. First, gain expert advice by having your real estate agent do a walk-through like they were a buyers’ agent. They should be able to provide you with a complete list of things in your home that should be upgraded, repairs that you want to make, and staging advice to make your home look as polished as possible. If you don’t have a real estate agent yet or are working with a less-than-proactive agent, you may want to consider turning to Effective Agents to help you find a top selling agent that will work hard for you. The site will analyze information about the home you are selling and then build a list of the best Realtors® in Providence who sell homes similar to yours in your area of town.

Have your Friends and Family Provide you with Non-Expert Insight
While your inner circle of friends, family, and neighbors may not necessarily provide you with the expert to-do list that a Realtor® will, their insight is just as valuable, if not more valuable. Host a mock walk-through or open house and invite people from your circle over to tour your home and view it through the eyes of a buyer. Give them a pen and paper and ask them to write down things that appeal to them about your home and the things that could be pain points if they were actually looking to buy your house. 

Consider Staging your Important Rooms
You don’t have to bring in a professional staging company to reap the many benefits of investing in staging your home. Select the most important rooms in your house (living room, kitchen, master bedroom, and entryway) and funnel your energy and staging budget into making those rooms look pristine and move-in ready. For example, if your furniture in the living room is worn and doesn’t look showroom ready, remove it to the basement or a storage unit and rent some nicer furniture.

Add Accent Décor a Touch of Green
Adding a few well-placed accent pieces can do wonders for increasing the value of your home in the eyes of the buyer. Buyers absolutely flip over these accent pieces that instantly transform your home into more of what they expect to see in a brand new home. Things like candles, a formal table setting and throw pillows are all nice touches. While you’re at it, add a few plants in key rooms. Greenery makes any room look fresh and welcoming to buyers. 

Don’t Forget Curb Appeal
No matter how much work you do getting the home’s interior up to snuff, if the first thing the buyer sees when they pull up to the curb is an overgrown garden and a dirty exterior, you’re immediately losing the potential for a “wow” factor. Hire a professional landscaper or gardener to make your front yard sparkle!

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